Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Partial status?

"Partial Status" refers to us refunding the undelivered portion of an order. For example, if you buy a $10 order for 10,000 units and we deliver only 9,000, we refund $1 for the 1,000 undelivered units.

What is Drip Feed?

"Drip Feed" is a service we offer for automatic repeat orders. Suppose you want 1000 reactions on a post, distributed as 100 reactions every 30 minutes. You'll set up your order like this: Link to your post, Quantity of 100, 10 Runs, and a 30-minute Interval. Be mindful not to exceed the maximum limit specified for a service, and don't set an Interval less than the service's starting time to avoid issues with your order.

How do I use mass order?

To use Mass Order, line up Service ID, Link, and Quantity separated by '|'. You can find the Service ID at For instance, to add 1000 subscribers each to your three telegram channel  using the service ID 3 for "Telegram Subscribers [nondrop]", the format would be: 3|channel|1000, 3|channel2|1000, 3|channel3|1000

I want a panel like yours / I want to resell your services how?

To get a panel like ours, please check to rent a panel, and then you can connect to us via API easily!

Can I get a discount?

Offers depend on your spending on the  panel!

Does drip feed work with mass order / or with API?

Drip Feed doesn't work with neither "Mass Order" nor API. but work from our telegram robot

Do you accept PAYTM?

Yes, we do accept PAYTM!

What is the "FORCE ADD METHOD"?

We can connect to Telegram with unofficial telegram versions, like plus messenger or another messengers, we own some of them and can add our platform users to your channels  

What’s different between Numbers?

Telegram have some restriction, Iranian accounts cannot add fast to non-Iranian channels, US account can only fast join to Iran and US channels, these two country restricted due high volume of spam with this numbers

Why have special service for US or IRAN Ownership?

Must of our database are Iran and US numbers, due, Iranian accounts cannot add fast to non-Iranian channels, US account can only fast join to Iran and US channels, and these numbers are the best for build new channels, we always have big volume capacity for delivery

I need to open a business on telegram from where I need to start?

You can contact us via ticket , you need to explain to us about your work and we will build a business plan for you , we are the best SEO experts on telegram!

I need to be on top search on a targeted keyword in my country, how to be first?

We have an SEO expert team, 24/7 big data analyzer, give us keywords and targeted countries and we will give you information about what you need at the beginning and time to do a job for us.
Any questions missing? Ask us via ticket or Email

Adding members speed / depend on channel ownership

Subscriber addition speed depends on channel ownership. We have Iran, USA, China, +888 and other global accounts. Iranian accounts mainly deliver to Iran-owned channels. USA accounts deliver quickly to Iran and USA-owned channels. For fast global delivery, use worldwide services. For cheaper rates, consider switching ownership or buying the USA or Iran number service via service ID 142 or another. Check service descriptions to choose the best for your channel

Do not worry about your channel on search ranking, we have much trick to increase your channel or group with safe method , for resellers need to know formula
Your customers need higher ranking on search? need to use real services. "real shares" and "real view" instant go to channel statics
Need to keep a channel or group alive and not be banned or scam tag label or fall from search? need to use these services and never use or keep channels without post, ransom scammers easily down or ban  "channels without posts" by  trick, also easy ban by telegram report, you need proof your business is real!

Emoji Help
⌛️    : Start Time, [d day][m minute][h hour]
⚡️    : Speed per Day,  n-n - 10k-15k/d
✅   : Real and have online time accounts
💎   : Best service
🆕   : New service
♻️   : Refill enabled
💧    : Drip feed enabled
⛔️   : May service have high drop
🔻   : Minimum Order: 1000
🔺   : Maximum Order: 20.000
 S    : Server , s1 = server1, s2 = server2
⚠️   : Descriptions